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Coffee Producers

A good sustainably produced cup of coffee represents a multitude of relationships and interactions that all serve to add value during the bean’s journey from the grower all the way to your cup. What does this journey look like? Who are these people? How are they caring for their environment? What impact can I have on this process?
Take a look and marvel in the complexity of the production of the world’s #2 most traded commodity:

Coffee: café, der Kaffee, koffie, ahua sada, ga feh, kahawa…


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Organic Fair Trade Explained

Organic Fair Trade Explained


Advocate for sustainability.
Facilitate conscious consumerism.
Help businesses tell their stories of sustainability.
Foster transparency & insight to promote action.


Aggregate data for systems analysis.
Display data dynamically and interactively.
Offer depth & breadth to sustainability.
Use multi-dimensional tools to document triple bottom line.