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Advisory Board Members

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Our Advisory Board Members


Advisory Board Member, Liz Morgan

Founder of Backyard Agrarian

Liz is a tax resolution attorney and believes that
small business is the backbone of a successful society. Through her work as a tax resolution professional, she is able to help individuals and business owners make it through the most difficult financial times. As a former government attorney, Liz prefers representing the people and helping her clients navigate the complex governmental systems. What Liz enjoys most about her work is being able to take the stress off of her client’s shoulders, so that they can get back to living their lives and running their businesses. She is an expert at negotiating with IRS and state taxing authorities and knows how to efficiently and successfully fight for your rights. Liz lives in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two dogs. She is a graduate of Colgate University and Vermont Law
Liz is the founder of Backyard Agrarian and the author of the Falcon Guide to Foraging in the Rocky Mountains (expected publication Spring 2013 by Pequot Press). Liz’s latest project is called TareWare, durable outdoor grade vinyl labels for bulk food containers that can be scrubbed, washed and reused for years.
Liz Morgan, Esq:
More Info about TareWare at:

Adivsory board Member Lon Reisberg

Data Systems Engineer at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado in Boulder

Lon is the Science Data Center lead for NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission and he is also leading an effort to create a multi-disciplinary data visualization team within LASP.
In another life, he taught teamwork and leadership skills with the National Outdoor Leadership School
More Info about Lon Reisberg at: LASP: Lon Reisberg

Advisory Board Member Ali Schultz

Auspicious Projects

Since 2006, Ali has guided individuals and organizations
to the full manifestation of engaging their core vision with the world through beautiful articulation via content programming, website development, and online marketing with her creative consultancy, Auspicious Projects. Infused with an artistic genius that connects ideas to a broader scope of possibility, crafts the concept to reach communities and shapes creative chaos into strategic creation
packages, she is a writer by day and by night and knows the magic of storytelling. A devotional interest in Deep Ecology led her to complete an MA in Religious Studies at The University of Colorado at Boulder, the idyllic town she still calls home 9 years later.
More Info about Auspicious Projects at:

Advisory Board Member Virginia Winter

Organization Development Professional, Principal, Equinox Consultancy LLC

Virginia is an organization development practitioner and master-level facilitator and trainer. She is the Principal of Equinox Consultancy LLC, a woman-owned business operating nationwide since 1989 serving industry, non-profit and public sector clients. Her areas of expertise include: organizational learning and change, strategic planning, team development, board governance, environmental, health and safety management systems, triple bottom line (sustainability) frameworks, stakeholder engagement, and process facilitation.
Equinox Consultancy:


Advocate for sustainability.
Facilitate conscious consumerism.
Help businesses tell their stories of sustainability.
Foster transparency & insight to promote action.


Aggregate data for systems analysis.
Display data dynamically and interactively.
Offer depth & breadth to sustainability.
Use multi-dimensional tools to document triple bottom line.