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Welcome to Visionary Values!

We are the place to look for transparent information related to issues of sustainability!

Our goal is to compile and link data in a manner that will inform, educate, stimulate and activate the citizenry of the world to make positive changes in our behaviors!

We believe in Data in the Commons - Information in the Commons - Knowledge for the Commons . Free the Data, Free the Mind

We are a non-profit on a shoestring budget concerned with providing informative, accurate infomation which will foster insight and promote action. It's our belief that tracking, cataloging and providing access to all topics of sustainability is imperative at every level of human behavior including economic and environmental sustainability. Our data is displayed in a transparent, non-biased format that allows people to explore all topics of interest primarily related to sustainability.

Most recent new articles
A Framework for Identifying Organic Compounds of Concern in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Based on Their Mobility and Persistence in Groundwater
Report - Silence and denial surround Oklahoma’s “frackquake” problem
What lies behind the recent surge of Amazon deforestation
Sustainable development goals: changing the world in 17 steps – interactive
Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse
Can a new form of accounting save animals from extinction?
Colorado’s stunning indifference to fracking’s health hazards
Can Organic Farming Feed Us All
CU-Boulder offers well users guide for testing water in areas of oil and gas development
Monitoring Water Quality In Areas of Oil and Natural Gas Development: A Guide For Water Well Users
Organic Shmorganic
Monarch Numbers in Mexico Fall to Record Low
New Report Shows Monsanto A Major Culprit in Record Decline of Monarch Butterflies
Now glyphosate found in people's urine
Compositional differences in soybeans on the market: Glyphosate accumulates in Roundup Ready GM soybeans
Sustainability and innovation in staple crop production in the US Midwest
Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. -- the first sixteen years
Scientists Declare No Consensus on GMO Safety
Why we need GMO labels
Grow Ahead connects coffee drinkers and growers in alternative finance model
Benefit corporations: can a legal designation boost sustainability?
Social Seal of Approval Lures Talent
Trickle Down Economics: Can Fair Trade Coffee Save Mexico’s Poorest State?
Savory Institute: Holistic Management Worldwide
… further results

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