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Homestead Types chicken coop, garden

Location 40.030155°, -105.265717°Latitude: 40.030155
Longitude: -105.265717
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Address 3010 23rd Street
City Boulder
State CO
Zip 80304
Years on Tour 2010, 2011, 2012 url

Number of chickens
Chicken breeds Araucana, Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, Black Australorp, Speckled Sussex, Silver Laced Wincotte, Gold Laced Wincotte, Brahma
Avg number of eggs per day summer 8
Avg number of eggs per day winter 5
Chicken diet organic feed, kitchen scraps, pasture
Coop description insulated, heated, windows, home-built
Chicken pen info enclosed large chicken house
Current coop age 6
Use of chicken manure compost pile
How have your chickens moved on predator, disease, donated
Hours per week of coop work 3
Roosters No
Breed birds No
Your inspiration of raising chickens We wanted our own fresh eggs and needed a good source of manure for our compost pile
Pros of having chickens The eggs and the beauty of having chickens around. They have personalities and are fun to watch and care for.
Cons of having chickens Stepping in chicken poop can be a problem when they're let out to roam. Keeping them safe from predators is also somewhat challenging. We need to be home at dark every night to close the coop. the growing mice and squirrel community that lives off of the chicken food.

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Number of hives
Type of hives
Amount of honey harvested per year
Hours per week of work
Number of hives lost
Cause of hive loss
Bee adventure stories
Predator Problems

Size of garden 500
Hobby or food garden food

Livestock breeds
Livestock products
Livestock breeding No

Gallons of water in Aqua System
Other Aquaponics information
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