promoting sustainable practices & conscious consumption
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  • Creating transparency along the coffee supply chain helps coffee roasters like
    Conscious Coffees and coffee grower communities build and highlight added value

  • What's really behind the Renew Reuse Recycle process?
    Knowing the facts helps enroll us in the process.

  • Local Food is essential to our political, environmental, economical, and health interests.
    How's the health of your local food movement?

  • Understanding the connection between Producer communities and Consumers.
    Organic Fair Trade Explained illuminates the life cycle of coffee.

Who we are:

A group of optimists :: Believers in the power of conscious consumers :: Dedicated to making a positive difference :: Promoters of sustainable business practices :: Believers in transparency


Advocate for sustainability.
Facilitate conscious consumerism.
Help businesses tell their stories of sustainability.
Foster transparency & insight to promote action.


Aggregate data for systems analysis.
Display data dynamically and interactively.
Offer depth & breadth to sustainability.
Use multi-dimensional tools to document triple bottom line.